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Pastor Ron's Bio

“It sure hasn’t been boring.”

These were the words spoken by a business man after I began to tell him some of my story.

The Early Years

Being raised in the home of a Pastor was quite an experience.  We moved a lot, money was scarce, Dad and Mom both often worked two jobs just to make ends meet.  And we were at Church every time the doors opened.  I jokingly say, “I had a drug problem in my early years.”  My parents ‘drug’ me to Sunday School, ‘drug’ me to Bible studies, ‘drug’ me to prayer meetings (and that’s when they would sometimes last all night), ‘drug’ me to Gospel singings, ‘drug’ me to worship services and ‘drug’ me with them every time they went to visit somebody.  In our family, there was no question about our priorities and allegiance.  My sister and I were taught to put God first in everything and serve the LORD with all your heart.  I’m very grateful for the foundation and seeds of truth my parent’s were faithful to plant.  Even though I pulled away from it all for a few years, I came back and have been able to build on what they started.

My Calling…”I think You’ve got the wrong number.”

From an early age, baseball was a huge part of my life.  It was something I enjoyed and I was pretty good at it.  I poured my heart & soul into the dream of becoming a Major League Baseball Player.  As they say, “I ate, drank and slept” baseball.  As a tall, lanky young man, it was the one thing I could do as good or better than most.  It provided stability, ambition, direction, character- building, relationships and focus.  The more I practiced and dedicated myself, the more success I tasted.  Thankfully, it paid for my college education and provided lots of good stuff along the way.  Then came the moment of truth.  While in college, I had fully re-dedicated my life to the LORD.  My hope was to use my possible pro baseball career as a platform for serving the LORD.  Little did I know, that wasn’t The Plan.  Through an excruciating season of decision making, the LORD made it very clear that I was to walk away from baseball and give my full attention to becoming a Pastor.  “Uhhhh…God…you must have the wrong number.”  I tried to convince the LORD that He had chosen the wrong guy.  With all my experiences as a preacher’s kid, the last thing I wanted was the life of a Pastor.  As Jacob of old in Genesis 32, I learned — you can wrestle with God, but you ain’t gonna win that fight.  Long story short, I laid it all down, walked away from baseball and began my career as a Pastor.

Here we are many years later…

So here I am now, working on my 3rd decade after my decision to follow the LORD’s calling.  In these many years, I’ve tasted of failure & success, darkness & light, death & life, tragedy & triumph, sorrow & joy, betrayal & friendships, pride & humility, sin & forgiveness, hate & love.  It’s been quite an experience and “it sure hasn’t been boring.”
Here are some of the highlights…

  • Been a minister for over 26 years
  • Crafted & delivered over 7,000 teachings
  • Been a Youth Pastor, Music Director, Associate Pastor & Senior Pastor
  • Coached & counseled 100’s of people
  • Led building projects & fundraisers, planned & organized numerous events
  • Received a Master of Theology degree  
  • Been to several foreign countries
  • Traveled to the Holy Land twice
  • Traveled to Turkey and the ancient cities of the New Testament Church several times
  • Sat at the feet of some of the greatest teachers around
  • Been privileged to have a front row seat to witness the grace of God at work in many lives (including my own)

And the best of it all, the LORD has blessed me with a wonderful wife who is the kindest and most caring person I’ve ever known.

Here’s where all this matters to you.  I want to take all of the things I’ve learned and experienced – the good, the bad & the ugly – and pour them into your life.  Perhaps the LORD has crossed our paths for a reason.  And who knows, maybe one day we will have the privilege of meeting face-to-face at one of our live events.

My Mission

Helping You Live the Abundant Life Jesus Promised

Grace & Peace!


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